24 June 2006

Sibling Revelry

This week, we took a mini-vacation. When I say mini, I mean it--we drove over to the greater Detroit area Wednesday night, and returned Thursday night. Why? you ask. Seems there's a new IKEA over there, and I was eager to do a little damage. We traveled with Tim and Beth, and Judah (of course), and left Gideon and Charis with Yia Yia and Papa and Auntie M. It was a WONDERFUL trip. Viva la Retail Therapy! We shopped from 10 am until 6 pm. Beth and I were practically giddy. We had a very tasty (albeit noisy, thanks to the Red Hat Ladies, who can apparently get pretty raucous when they want to) dinner at Buca di Beppo, toured a very old, very interesting graveyard, and returned home.

Judah continues to loathe his carseat. We went through this with Charis, but this little guy gets himself so worked up that he sweats up a storm, throwing off some serious BTUs. Sometimes, his poor little stomach gets so churned up that his urp reflex goes into overdrive. It is so sad to witness. It always makes us feel so helpless. When we traveled to see my parents and family and friends last weekend, Judah wailed practically the whole way there. Amazingly, Charis was unfazed. We, however, were very very fazed. The return trip went a little better, though it still had its moments. The last hour of the ride, though, was wonderful. Judah's little toes were getting a bit chilly, even though he was sweating, so I covered him up with a car blanket, and he soon drifted off to sleep, and remained so, even after we removed him from the car. You'd be tired, too, if you had just cried for three hours straight. Fast forward to our trip home from IKEA, when Judah was putting on a stellar performance of vocal pyrotechnics. The din was amazing. We tried everything we could to soothe him, but he wasn't hungry, his diaper was dry, he didn't want my finger or a pacifier...we were at a loss. Until, that is, I thought, hey--covering him up with a blanket worked last time...let's try that again. The only trouble was that we didn't have a blanket on hand. I mentioned to Abe that perhaps we could pull over and get a shirt or something from our luggage to cover him up. I guess Abe was feeling a little frazzled, because he didn't wait to pull over to get a shirt--he pulled his right off, and tucked it around Judah. Within seconds, Judah was asleep. It was wild. I told him he can always tell Judah that he loves him so much, he'd give him the shirt off his back. Apparently, being tucked in makes him feel a lot more secure. Who knew? I wish we would have figured that out last weekend.

Anyway...it was post-midnight on Thursday when Charis was finally tucked into her bed, so she went more than a whole DAY without seeing her Baby Bubba. So, Friday morning, when I brought her down from her bedroom, she ran to the couch where I had lain Judah, laughing, saying, "BABY! BABY!!!!" She scampered up onto the couch and proceeded to try to carry Judah off. She giggled and giggled. It was like opening a present on Christmas morning.

And in other news...
I've been wanting to transfer Charis to her Big Girl Bed for some time now, but every time I ask her if she wants to try it out, she shakes her head and says no. Well, I've been renewed in my quest for the switch through emails with the Bank Girls, so I figured it was time to try again, only this time, I didn't ask Charis. I just did it. I kissed her goodnight after our bedtime routine, pulled the covers up, kissed her again, said, "Sleep Tight! I love you!" and slipped out of the room. I waited and waited, just knowing that I'd her her little feet padding around upstairs...but there was only silence. At one point, I heard her singing to herself, so I thought she must be getting into trouble...but no, she was still lying in bed, just singing herself to sleep. She was still in bed when I went up to get her in the morning. We tried again come naptime, and we were every bit as successful, and then tonight, she went to bed again without incident! I was expecting a much larger hassle, and perhaps that is still to come, but for now, she has successfully made the transition! Maybe in a week or two, we can move Judah out of his pack'n'play and into an honest-to-goodness crib...

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