26 June 2006


...is Charis' new word. A couple of times, when we've finished praying, I've thought that was what I was hearing, but it was confirmed for me today, as we were reading a book called Prayers for Little Hearts. Each page is a short prayer, reflecting scripture, and they all end with, "In Jesus' name, Amen." And after each Amen, she'd repeat it--"May-mem"--with my precise cadence. It was too cute.

And speaking of Amen, it's official--our remodel will wait for next year. I had an absence of peace about the whole issue; every time I'd consider it or begin to plan it in my mind, I'd hear or read something--a sermon, a book, an article, a conversation--that would make me hesitate about the addition. With all that was involved--siding the whole house, pouring a foundation, re-roofing--we were going to have to borrow a lot. I wrestled with that reality.
We heard another sermon about Debt when we were visiting at my parents' church, and that sealed it for me. I really felt that the Holy Spirit was pulling us away from the loan and the construction, until next year at the earliest. I presented the idea to Abe, and I think he was feeling similarly. Decision made. So now, we're in savings overdrive! I set up a special account for it, so a portion of each check goes directly into that account, and doesn't get eaten up by anything else. In light of the fact that everything that we have is God's, I think He wanted us to know that we weren't planning to be the best stewards of His gifts. Already, having heeded His moving, our finances are falling into place much more smoothly. It's truly an answer to prayer.

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