19 February 2009

Fewer Diapers, More Lysol Wipes

The day has, at long last, arrived! Judah is finally interested in using the big boy potty. Frankly, I thought it was going to happen earlier than it did since he has a potty-using sibling and generally tries to emulate her in so many other ways. But here it is, a mere month before he turns 3, and he has embraced the notion of wearing big boy undies and all that entails. With two kids in diapers putting us in the poor house, it couldn't come soon enough.

Of course, potty training is not without its pitfalls. We don't leave the house without two extra pairs of undies and two pairs of pants, just in case. I've also realized that I need to pack extra shirts. I didn't have to do that when Charis was potty training, so it didn't even occur to me that along with different physiology comes different spray patterns. My laundry has increased, and I've been wiping up lots of "almost made it!" accidents. But all in all, I'd say Judah is doing quite well. We've been using a sticker chart/candy reward system with some success, but mostly, I'd say he is doing a great job self-motivating. I've had to be a bit more vigilant about the whole thing today because he wanted to emulate his sister's leotard-wearing habit (leotards are tough for anyone to get off, especially 2 year-olds), but so far, so good! He still gets a diaper for naps and at night, but he's off to a great start!

09 February 2009

Poor, Sweet Sickies

We've been having a yucky week. All three kids have had some sort of stomach bug. Charis slept on our floor next to a bucket last Wednesday and Judah had his turn Saturday and Sunday nights. I won't go into further details, because WHY would I? But I will tell you that, while Charis was too consumed by her illness to note the lack of a nightlight in our room, Judah still needed one. And since I couldn't find an official nightlight on such short notice, he used this:

It's a Christmas tree made out of colored lights, clear plastic beads, and safety pins. My grandmother made it for us (we actually have two of these trees), and it is pretty much Judah's favorite thing. I wish I could have gotten a shot of how he fell asleep gazing at it. Who needs a security blanket when you've got twinkle lights and plastic beads? Not Judah. Thanks, Grandma! Your tree made those nights much easier for him.

06 February 2009

Jesus' New Friend

This is my 200th post here on Peanut, Bubba, and Jelly. I remember anticipating my 100th post and wanting to do something special to mark the occasion, but when the moment came, I neglected to note it. And then it was too late--no one cares a whoopty-do about post #101, so that particular milestone came and went without fanfare. I will not make that mistake again! This is post 200, and it calls for something special.

I cannot imagine anything more special to tell you than this:

Charis asked Jesus into her heart this week.

She has been asking about specifics in regard to salvation, and of course, I have been more than happy to oblige. We've talked about sin, and how our sin keeps us separated from God. We've talked about Jesus, about how He died on the cross, becoming the sacrifice that paid the price for our sins once for all. We've talked about forgiveness, and love, and heaven, and about accepting God's gift of eternity with Him. And then, this past Sunday, Charis asked The Question: How can I go to heaven?

We were in the van, all of us, heading for a little Super Bowl get-together, when she asked. I glanced over at Abe, not sure if I should explain it then, in the noisy van, or wait until we got to the party. I decided that you don't just let your child ask about going to heaven and not answer; besides, I figured that by the time we arrived at the party, she would have forgotten and the opportunity would be lost. So I took a deep breath, and explained it all again. And then my girl said she wanted to do that, she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. I asked her if she wanted to pray right then, and she said yes. So we did.

Since then, I've been trying to gauge whether she really understood what it all meant. I've asked her to explain it to me in her own words, about sin and forgiveness and Jesus and heaven. And, with the help of some leading questions, she can. Only God knows her heart, and whether she understands well enough to have really made that decision that day, but as far as I can tell, it was for real.

Welcome to the family, Baby Girl!

On a sidenote, I suggested that she tell her Gopher Buddies teacher. "Tell her that you asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart and life. And tell her that you know how much Jesus loves you! And tell her that you know that He died for your sins, and that you're going to be in heaven with Him someday," I said.

Charis rolled her eyes. "Mom. I'm not going to tell her all that. I will just tell her that I asked Jesus into my heart, okay?" Okay.