09 February 2009

Poor, Sweet Sickies

We've been having a yucky week. All three kids have had some sort of stomach bug. Charis slept on our floor next to a bucket last Wednesday and Judah had his turn Saturday and Sunday nights. I won't go into further details, because WHY would I? But I will tell you that, while Charis was too consumed by her illness to note the lack of a nightlight in our room, Judah still needed one. And since I couldn't find an official nightlight on such short notice, he used this:

It's a Christmas tree made out of colored lights, clear plastic beads, and safety pins. My grandmother made it for us (we actually have two of these trees), and it is pretty much Judah's favorite thing. I wish I could have gotten a shot of how he fell asleep gazing at it. Who needs a security blanket when you've got twinkle lights and plastic beads? Not Judah. Thanks, Grandma! Your tree made those nights much easier for him.

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