18 February 2008

Sounds Just Like Her Mama

Judah was being obstinate. I had just told him No for some reason, and he was not pleased with me, so he knocked over the galvanized bucket full of matchbox cars in protest. Charis turned to him, sternly looking him square in the face.

"Judah!" She said. "You need to watch your tude-a-tude!!"

I could barely contain myself. "Charis, what did you just say?"

She glanced into space and worked it out. "Tude-a-tude. Tude-a . . . ATTITUDE! Judah, you need to watch your ATTITUDE!"

I suppose she's heard me say that a time or two . . .


Blaza said...

Once again a post that could have come straight from our household! Joshua frequently likes to displine his little brother in the same manner that Brian or I do. It is always interesting! :)

Sarah M. said...

Love it!!!