06 February 2008

The Potty Saga Continues

This time, it's Judah.

This morning, when I awoke, I turned immediately to go upstairs to use the restroom. I'm pregnant; it's what I do. Judah was already awake and greeted me as I exited the bedroom, and when I turned to go upstairs and informed him I was heading up to the bathroom, he started frantically shouting, "ME! ME! ME! ME!"

"You want to go to the potty?" I asked.

"YEAH!" he replied. And he did want to--that much was clear. He spent the next 10 minutes on the potty--a few minutes on the big one, then a few minutes on the little one, then back to the big one, and so on and so forth. He made a few mentions of what he anticipated to do on the potty, but I largely disregarded them, because the diaper I removed from him before he sat on the potties showed evidence that he was really all done in that area.

Charis came up to use the restroom herself, and Judah and I had wandered back to the little potty to sit for a spell. Then, hearing that Charis was all done, he headed back for the big potty with a determined look on his face. He clearly meant business.

I watched in horror/amusement as he quickly ran to the toilet, aimed his little self in the general direction of the bowl, and did his thing. All over the side of the toilet and the floor.

Well, at least he's got the right idea. Now we've just got to get him some shoes with lifts so his target practice can be a little more accurate!

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Mom said...

You may or may not remember Jan Carter painting a red nail polish bullseye in the toilet. Another friend floated cheerios to be sunk like little battleships, and another used a single sheet of toilet tissue as a target for her little boys. There are so many fun ways to accomplish that. . . Good luck. Just be prepared for some regression once the new baby is here.