07 February 2008

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Here's the story Charis told me at bedtime tonight:

One day, Aunt Beth went into the forest, and there were many creepy things there. She saw some pirates, and they poked her all over with their hand-hooks. She was very frightened, so she ran away from the pirates into a very small, warm cave. She stayed there until the pirates told her it was safe to come out. Then they all had a picnic and they ate turkey.

Of course, it took much longer for us to get through it when she told me firsthand, but she liked her story so much that she kept asking me to "read it again."

When I asked her to tell a story about Daddy and Judah, it was strangely similar. But instead of pirates, there were bears. And instead of one warm cave, Daddy had a big cave and Judah had a small one, and they were both very cold. She never got to the end of that story, but I think it's safe to assume that a picnic and some turkey were probably involved.

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