03 February 2008

3 Days, 2 Nights

. . . that's how long it has been since Charis has worn a diaper. She asked us two nights ago if she could try to sleep in her underwear, and we figured, gotta try sometime! She had already had a few successful naps sans diaper, so we knew it was becoming more and more likely she could go all night without an accident. And she did. One down, one to go! (Abe's goal is to have Judah potty trained by the end of summer. Man, wouldn't that be nice. Improbable, but nice.)

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Blaza said...

Incredible!! I haven't tried nap without a pull-up. I feel like it would be crazy to go a whole night. Congrats to Charis and to you all!!! I love that as you mentioned, it has to be her idea...and that she approached you with the idea. Such a big girl! Tell her that a crazy lady named Blaza from TN is very proud of her and thinks she is pretty awesome!