01 June 2007

Funny Face

Yesterday, Charis was fnishing a cookie in the living room, and Judah was in the dining room having lunch. I was seated next to him so he wouldn't have to eat alone, when all of the sudden, I got the urge to snap a couple of pictures of him. I don't seem to do random pictures often enough, I think. Anyway, No sooner had I turned the camera on, than Judah started making faces. I promise you that none of these expressions were prompted in any way. Yes, it appears our son is developing his personality!

Also, the other day I was testing his language comprehension. I wanted to know if he understands simple words like ball. Well, he does. We were sitting near the toy basket, and I said, "Judah, would you hand me a ball?" So he reached over and picked out a red, white and blue mini-volleyball. I was pretty impressed. Then I said, "Judah, would you hand me another ball, please?" He looked at me for a second, then turned back to the basket and plucked out a partially-hidden Winnie the Pooh ball. I was stunned!
When Charis was his age, I thought she was brilliant. And old. I thought that, at the ripe old age of 14 months, she should know things. And she did. Judah's age has sort of snuck up on me--I still think of him as such a baby, even though he is turning into a full-fledged toddler right before my eyes. So when he shows the intelligence of a young toddler, I am amazed; not because I think he is not intelligent, I just forget that he is able to do age-appropriate things, and that his age is not 9 months! It all goes by so fast.

Of course, big sister wanted to get in on the action. (Maybe that's where he learned the faces...)


Stephen Koehn said...

That's some big hair on Judah! wow.

Charis + Judah's Mom said...

hey. that's your nephew. when it's humid, he gets these wonderful little curls, my favorites of which are the ones that flip out from behind his ears. abe is determined that our son will have long(ish) hair, and we're just now arriving to the point where i have to consider how that will really work. and will i honestly spend more time trying to cut my son's hair into a fashionable 'do that i do for my daughter? hmmmm.