11 June 2007

Menu-Plan Mondays

Well, here's another list of what we plan to eat this week! Last week, we ended up switching and things ended up a little differently than I'd planned, so I think we only actually ate two of the meals I'd planned to make. Ah, well. At least there was a plan in place in case I needed it! I have never kept track of the differences between the plan and actual meals consumed, but I'd bet that most weeks end up varying a bit from the original outline. At any rate, here's this week's list.

Shredded Beef and Black Bean Burritos (from leftover Italian Beef from Friday)

Sloppy Joes
Tangy Broccoli Slaw
Corn on the Cob

Western-Style Pork Ribs
Baked Mac'n'Cheese
Sugar Snap Peas

Italian Pasta Salad with Chicken, Basil and Spinach

Chicken Sausage


We celebrate Charis' birthday with Abe's family. She's terribly excited to have a party! Her cake will be a Dora cake from the pan my mom purchased for us (I've never done one of these before. We'll just see.). For lunch, we'll have Burgers; Roasted Potatoes, Loaded; Corn on the Cob; and veggies and dip. Dessert will of course be cake and ice cream!

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