23 May 2007

Moving Right Along

Well, it's all happening so fast! Monday, Vic's Septic came and pumped out our tank, and shortly thereafter, Vic (I assume) hauled out the big digger and made us a big hole for our basement.
It did not take him long--he was done by 3 pm. That Vic is really something. After the hole was dug, cousin Brad, Abe and Shaun dug trenches for the footers so they could be inspected the next morning--Abe and Shaun dug until no light remained, but they got it done. On Tuesday, the inspector came by and gave the go-ahead to pour the footers, so Mr. Cement Man showed up and filled the trenches with "mud." After a break to let the footers set up and to let the guys go get the wall forms, Brad, Jed, and Abe began putting up the wall forms to pour into. At around 5 pm., our egress window was delivered, and on Wednesday, the guys fit the window into the wall forms and began drilling into the existing basement walls to anchor the new walls when they are poured. Then, on Thursday morning, Mr. Cement came back with more cement for the walls, and the walls were poured and leveled by about noon. I was away from the house, so I didn't get pictures of the actual pour, but we now have basement walls! They have to sit for a day or two before the forms can come off, then the walls must sit, untouched, for a week before we start framing things on top of them. After the forms come off, though, Abe and the fellas will cut a big hole in our existing basement wall and toss that concrete out of the egress window. Then, they have to dig out a bit more dirt and gravel to make room for a basement floor, which will apparently be poured at a later date.

Suffice it to say that it's been a long week. Well, frankly, it has been a long couple of weeks. Because of the noise and activity, the kids haven't had the naps they normally get, which means I don't get as much done. It also means my sanity drips away, too. Let's be clear: naps are mostly for moms. But yesterday, Abe's mom took the kids all day, so not only was I able to get a lot of houswork done that has really needed to be done, Abe and I were able to get out for dinner and Shrek the Third. (pretty funny.) I am feeling somewhat rejuvenated today!

But I think it will be a long summer...

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