27 March 2007

Another Charisism

Blessyous: commonly sold under the brand name Kleenex, used to wipe a runny nose or stifle a sneeze.

The weather has been great here the past few days--I've been able to take the kids outside so they can play on the swingset and run and soak in the fresh air. The fresh air factor has been wonderful, especially since both kids have been sick since last week. They've both got the snots something fierce, and Judah, who has of late been a champion sleeper, is back to his I-need-soothing-at-4-am ways. Sigh. The combination of snotty faces and backyard dirt means that in the past two days, the kids have had three baths. I don't normally bathe the kids that often, because a) they just don't usually get that dirty, and b)their skin tends to dry out if I over-bathe. I find twice a week is usually sufficient, but clearly did not suffice this week!

We have fallen into a nice routine, though, and this is how it's gone (this will be boring, but I wanted to record it just so I could remember in the future):
8:30-9 am-ish: Kids wake up, eat breakfast, play, watch Diego, etc. Lately, we've been alternating whose room we play in in the morning. Yesterday it was Charis' room, where we read books, danced to music, and drew on the chalkboard. And also I picked up...
10:30-11 am-ish: Judah goes down for a nap. Charis and I do work, read books, color, etc.
12:30-12:45-ish: Judah wakes up, we all eat lunch.
1-1:15-ish: I take a shower while the kids play in Judah's room (works nicely that I can see what they're doing from the shower).
1:30-1:45-ish: We get shoes on and head outside for about half an hour.
2-2:15-ish: We go inside, the kids have a small snack, then they go down for naps.
2:30-ish: I get to work cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, paying bills, etc.
3:45-ish: Judah wakes up, eats a light snack or has some juice while sitting in the highchair watching me work--I'm usually finishing up the kitchen or making dinner.
3:45-ish: Abe gets home
5:30-6-ish: Charis gets up, we eat dinner
6:30-ish: We play or do projects or watch TV
8 pm: Kids go to bed.

A day in the life! Of course, it can't always go as planned--this morning, Judah was UP, ready to go, at 7:15, and Charis was awakened by a very very soggy diaper at around 7:45. So today's schedule will be a bit out of whack...


Allison said...

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Charity said...

As for the schedule . . . not boring, but certainly envy-inducing! It's so nice when your days seem to fall into a nice, predictable rhythm, isn't it? I say enjoy it while it lasts. :-)

It sounds like my Zeke and your Charis are about the same age (he turned 3 on the 27th), so it's entertaining to read about her exploits! Good times . . .