07 April 2007

Judah's party and other stuff

Well, I've been waiting to post because I sincerely believed I could upload the many videos from Judah's birthday party (including every digital representation of him eating his cake), butI have tried, and failed. So rather than wait any longer, I thought I should at least mention his party, even if I don't have the most fun pictures to show for it.

It was a "traffic" theme, with decorations including red/yellow/green balloon stoplights and other red/yellow/green things. He had cupcakes made by Grandma Donna (devil's food and angel's food--for whichever way people were leaning that day) frosted red, yellow, or green, with m&m stoplights on them. He LOVED his chocolate cake! Judah had about 28 guests, counting the kids. Other food included: bbq cola meatballs, ham and pickle roll-ups, veggies and dip, and various chips and snacks. Judah ate loads. This picture, above, is Judah opening an outlet cover for his bedroom. Arguably his favorite gift all day, it was also the only one he could really get close to, since his big sister and her bigger friends did all the unwrapping for him. He didn't seem to mind.

It being a theme party, he received many theme-related gifts--lots of books about trucks and also actual toy trucks. He also received quite a few items of clothing and some bath toys, which we have been putting to good use!

A present...for me to open!?!?!?

Um...no. Just an empty bag...

The next day, we dedicated Judah at church. Both sets of grandmas and grandpas were there, along with a great aunt and a lot of other aunties and uncles.
It was a busy weekend, and I wish I had better pictures to show for it, but most of them are on actual film. Can you imagine that? How...dark ages.

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