05 March 2007

Charis Lexicon

Judah turns 1 soon, and to help celebrate, my parents are going to come spend the weekend. But I got to thinking about Charis' vocabulary, and thought that my parents might need something to help them decipher her words. So, without further ado, a few words from the Charis Lexicon:

1)King Hat: the headpiece worn by a reigning monarch, e.g., a crown.

2)Eggo: Dora's cousin. Also spelled Diego.

3)Bawberry: the fun-loving, fruit-smelling girl with the surname "Shortcake."

4)Darby: Ken's significant other, Skipper's older sister.

5)Araf: Long-necked spotted mammal.

6) Bear: a location word, used in phrases like, "That's neither here nor bear," or, "Hey, mom, there's a McDonald's over bear."

7)Beer: Abbreviated name for the stuffed animal popularized by Theodore Roosevelt.

8)Mealk: Bovine by-product commonly poured on cereal or mixed with Ovaltine.

9)Mealted: what cheese is after being exposed to high temperatures.

10)Deedog: aka, frank, wiener, redhot...

11)Newels: what you find underneath spaghetti sauce

12) Seal: e.g., Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Corn Flakes.

13)Buell: a vessel which may or may not contain seal and mealk

14)A Nana: long yellow tropical fruit that you may slice on top of your seal.

15)Tittatales: You know; Bob, Larry, Junior Asparagus et al.

Good luck, Mom and Dad!

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