23 March 2007

Four-dollar Word

Charis' new favorite word is fascinated. Where on earth did she learn that one? She'll use it like this:

"Daddy, you are so FASCINATED!"

Sometimes we'll just ask her to say it because it's so much fun to hear.

Also, during her visit, my mom pointed out that Charis has a very good grip on verb usage, and now that I've been paying attention to it, I have to agree! She is, of course, comfortable with being verbs (am are is was were be being been), but she also spices it up with others--want, need, etc. It just confirms what we thought all along. She's a genius. Of course, we usually think she's a genius when Grandma and Grandpa are around saying things like, "Ooooh. That's so advanced. She's not even three!" or, "I'm so impressed with her mastery of ___________. What a smart girl!" Thank goodness for grandparents!

1 comment:

April said...

I love big words from little people. It's the cutest. It makes your heart swell with the pride of parenting such prodigy.