21 April 2010

Random Photos: Ruby Edition

Ruby helping pick out a Christmas tree in her OLD hand-me-down snowsuit. It's tough being the third child.

Christmas morning, on mom and dad's bed, opening her stocking stuff. Oooh! Socks! And bubbles!
Still Christmas. Playing the cutest Santa ever.
Ruby in her BRAND SPANKIN' NEW snowsuit. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! She didn't love having the hood zipped up.
Don't let Ruby drive the bus
She climbed into the sink by herself (well, a tall stool helped) because she was dirty from playing outside and wanted to clean up. As most 19 month-olds do.
Her first yer really participating in an Easter egg hunt. Not sure why she was looking in the driveway.
Ah, that's a better place to look. She's so smart.

We love our little peanut! At her recent well-baby (it was her 18-month appointment, even though she was 21 months old and had skipped her 12 and 15-month well-baby appointments), she was 32 3/4 inches (45th percentile), 22 lbs, 10 oz (10th percentile), and her head circumference was in the 61st percentile. All of that means that she's bigger for her age than I imagined! She's always been such a tiny peanut. But her growth has been steady, so we're thankful for that. Maybe she'll be a petite gal. Time will tell.

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