10 April 2010

Random Photos: Judah Edition

Grandma and Grandpa got Judah a tool kit for Christmas so he could help his dad fix stuff.

Building and racing cars with Daddy at the museum

Judah went with me to Charis' field trip to the Nature Center to learn about how maple syrup is made. Here he is being curious. I don't remember what he was being curious about, unfortunately.

This is Judah's Easter loot from YiaYia's Easter egg hunt.

Riding the mechanical bull with Daddy at a fundraiser. They stayed on for about 10 seconds.

Blowing out the candles on his birthday cupcakes. He helped make them AND decorate them. Charis picked out the swirly candles (and also tried to blow them out from afar.).

Judah's first "gingerbread" house

waiting to open Christmas presents at Yia Yia's house

Hamming it up in the parking lot at Aunt C's apartment

Visiting at my parents' house

In our backyard? Last fall?

Not much narration here. But it has been a while since I've posted pictures for my mom to print out and hang up at her desk, so I figured it was time for some photo galleries of the kids. judah gets to go first because he just had a birthday.

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