19 March 2010

Judah Turns Four

{I can't find the cord that connects my camera to my computer, but when I do, I 'll insert a few pictures of my little man HERE.}

Dear Judah,

I vow never to blink again. Because I did blink, once, when you were a baby, and now look where we are--you're four years old. Stop it, just stop it. I don't want you to grow any more. I want you to stay four ALWAYS. I want you to stay four because four-year-old you is such fun. You love to help me cook (case in point, you helped me make your birthday cake AND cupcakes, AND you helped decorate them), you love to help me by "keeping Ruby company" when she wakes up from her nap. You love to sing, usually snippets of songs your dad and I listen to in the car. Most notably, you usually sing a few lines of "Don't Stop Believin'": "strangers waiting in the night..." You're cute like that.

And speaking of cute, four year-old you is so cute and cuddly. I know that if I blink again, you'll be all old and grown up and everything, but for now, you're little, and still okay with snuggling up next to mom, especially if I'm carrying a book and it's nap time. You say, "Mama, can you just come lay down with me for a few minutes?" Sometimes, we've postponed naptime so long that I really can't--you need to get to sleep immediately, before The Meltdown happens. But if we have a moment or two before you need to be sleeping, I take my opportunity to be near you. I know I won't be able to do that forever. Before long, you'll probably give up Mom time in favor of Dad time outside and in the pole barn. I've got to get mine while I still can!

You do love that pole barn, though. And you do love spending time with your dad. Toys are fine in their moments, and certainly, you like to ride all sorts of Big wheels and bikes, but even if you were outside with nothing else to play with but your dad's stuff, you'd be happy. As near as I can tell, your favorite gift from your birthday party last night is the set of 12 bungee straps and two carabiners we gave you for modifying anything into a trailer to be towed. Cool new hat? Eh. Cars DVD? Whatev. Nifty stainless drink bottle? Okay. But BUNGEE cords.... well, I'm glad you like them.

You even shared them with Hayden when he came to play today. And you shared your birthday gum (so you don't have to ask for mine anymore) with Charis last night--half of it! How on earth did you get to be such a great sharer? You share EVERYTHING--so much that sometimes, you share everything you have right away. Your Sunday School candy? Right into Charis's hand. Your sticker from the doctor's office? Ruby's. Whenever we go to the bread store, you pick out Little Hug juices for Charis and Ruby. And when you know we're having little friends over, you pick some out for them, too.

You're a good friend. If I were a four year-old kid, I'd want to be friends with you. Lizzy likes hanging with you. So do Gideon and Elise. And Charis, well, don't even get me started. You guys are best friends, and you don't even know how much joy that brings me. And when we go to Charis' school for lunch and recess duty, you fit in so well. Everyone in Charis' class knows your name, and some of the girls have even taken you under their wing. It's probably because you're so cute. But I already talked about that, didn't I?

Well, Judah, we have one more year together at home before you, like Charis, are in school all day. I'm excited for you to start school, because you're really smart and I can't wait to see what great things you do when you're armed with knowledge, but I will be savoring every moment of this last full year we have to spend entire days together. I love to go to the store and library and museum and park with you. I love it when you take me for walks through the woods and down to the pond. I love how happy you are to see us when we pick you up from Bible Study or Gopher buddies or Sunday School. I love to hear your laugh when we tickle you, love to see your dimples when you smile. I love to watch you build and climb and dig and ride. I love to watch you clean your plate at dinner time--your appetite is a thing to behold.

So, yeah. I'm all done blinking. Because I already feel like your life is zooming ahead too quickly, and I don't want to miss a single moment of you. Happy birthday, Judah-boy. You cannot possibly know how much we love you!

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april said...

how in the world do you write something like this without bawling the whole time? i had to stop reading because i'm too tired to cry tonight. it's just so sweet. time goes too quickly. every minute with these precious little people is such a blessing.