12 August 2007

Tickle Me Judah

Judah has another word, and that word is Tickle. Or, more accurately, Tickletickletickletickletickle. Or, even more accurately, ickl-ickl-ickl-ickl-ickl. It's pretty cute--he sort of grabs at your arm and giggles. And you just have to laugh!

Charis' new word...is one I wish she wouldn't say in public. We were in the car yesterday, and I said something about "going the opposite direction." We've been working on opposites, so that's what word I was focused on. She, however, was focused on the word "direction," though, try as I might (and, oh, did I try), I could not persuade her to put a D sound on the front of that word. And she kept saying it and saying it and saying it...so I changed it to "going the other way." It's just easier, you know? And maybe a little less embarrassing.

1 comment:

sarahdv17 said...

It took me a minute to figure out what "Direction" without a "D" is. My mind isn't what it used to be. Oh, Charis, how sweet!