28 August 2007

A Roof Over Our Heads

After a very dry July, we have been blessed with a lot of rain in August. On one hand, YAY! On the other hand, sigh. We've had a very wet porch for a while now, and we've been looking forward to having the roof on. Well, now that dream is a reality. I overstate, of course, but it is nice to have that done. Abe, Tim, Tim, and Shaun worked on the roof for a bit on Sunday afternoon--it was slated to be done on Saturday morning before we had to depart for an afternoon anniversary party, but wouldn't you know it? It poured all morning. So after a few hours' work on Sunday and a few more hours' work on Monday evening, the roof is on. It took a lot of manpower to get it done: helping on Monday were Tim, Tim, Daren, Dave, Jim, and Shaun.

To elaborate, though, I should note that the addition is now 100% roofed. The old roof on the rest of the house is still there. The next project on the docket is the demolition of Judah's room and the installation of windows and doors. Then, there are a few repairs to be made on the roof and one more skylight (in Judah's room) to install before they can finish roofing the old portion. Somewhere in there, they'll knock down a basement wall and pour a basement floor--those things have been waiting for the roof to be completed.

So there's most of it! It is a very subtle green color, which will hopefully look smashing against the tan siding we'll be putting on sometime in the near future.

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Onna said...

wow wow wow! it looks like a different house! you guys are awesome! and might i add... what a patient wife you are!