14 August 2007

Being Right is so Wrong. Being Left is soooo Right.

International Left Handers Day is August 13th. And I missed it! I didn't get a present or flowers or anything!

I celebrate my left-handedness. Shoot, I celebrate others' left-handedness. Every left-hander does--we make up only about 10% of the population, so we have got to stick together. We commiserate with each other about the injustices of living in a right-handed world: Did you know that the writing on pens and pencils is always upside down for lefties? Did you know that a standard butter knife is right-hand oriented? Did you know that the spout on punch bowl ladles is on the wrong side for people like me? Sure you didn't; you're probably right-handed. You don't think about the trial of having to learn to cut with right-handed scissors. You don't think about the fact that stick-shifts can only be operated with the right hand (not that it matters to me, since I stay away from those things as much as possible). You don't think about trying to write on those stupid desks attached to chairs--you just lean your elbow on the conveniently (for you) placed surface and ignore the fact that the lefty beside you is hunched over uncomfortably, trying to scribble something legible whilst her arm is completely unsupported. And people wonder why so many lefties have terrible handwriting.

Well, the websites HolidayInsights.com and lefthandersday.com have a lot to say on this topic. But if you have time for only one informative link, look to the Washington Post for a very enlightening article. Let this be a lesson to you right-handed folks: we lefties may be "America's only remaining uncoddled interest group," but WATCH OUT. We are a force to be reckoned with.


sarahdv17 said...

You crack me up!!! Good luck continuing your left-handed life in a right-handed world.

Anonymous said...

Majority rules. Deal with it.

Love you!

Onna said...

What passion... What zeal... What lunacy! jk. I appreciate your plight, I really do.