22 July 2007

Judah the Brave

My son. He is but 16 months old. It was only about 5 months ago or so he was taking his first toddling steps. Then his uncertain feet learned to run. Most recently, he learned how to crawl down the stairs and, to my--what is it, horror? delight?--whatever, he learned to climb up AND DOWN a ladder. I ask you, what 16 month-old has that kind of coordination? The other day, he was trying to climb up the ladder on the swing set and was not entirely successful because of the rung spacing. Today, he tried again on a different ladder, and here is the result:

What you don't see are Abe's hands, just outside of the shot. I mean, really, what kind of mother do you think I am?

Yes. He is bald. We shaved his head on a whim, and he actually has a very nice head shape for baldness. Even if one of his friends told him that the shaved head makes him look mean and unapproachable. (I respectfully disagree.)

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