13 July 2007

How To Mend a Broken Heart

Charis is becoming very self-aware. Today, several times, after suffering some sort of injustice (cousin pushing her over, Brother sitting on her head, falling off the stool), she let me know what would help assuage her pain, only she said it in such a Charis way: "A tomato would feel me better, mama."

And just a few minutes ago, while we were playing on the big bed, Charis said, "I'm going to spank Daddy!" And since we were all playing, I said, "Go for it!" So Charis moved over towards Abe, who was laying on his stomach, belly flopped right onto his behind and exclaimed, "I SPANKED DADDY WITH MY BELLY!!!"


April said...

Ruby used to always say "feel me better" too. It was usually a movie, ice cream or a book that was requested. I thought that was the cutest phrase -- I'm sad when those pass away.

Onna said...

What precious memories! *Sigh*

Mom said...

A tomato instead of chocolate? This child has much to learn!