21 May 2010

Charis Gallery

I think this is why I hate posting pictures. I can never get them to end up in any specific order. Why does this picture stay stuck up here? And why is it duplicated below? And why won't blogger let me delete it? I will probably never know.

At any rate, here are some (very old) shots of my precious first born, who will turn 6 in less than a month. Where did all of the time go?
I just love when she gives me a good smile for the camera. Usually, she puts on a grumpy or silly face.
This was her first "gingerbread" house, made out of graham crackers, frosting, and lots of candy. I may be biased, but her house was the best one. Of course, she's almost a year older than the next oldest child who made a house, so that's probably to be expected.
Ah, yes. This is a more typical shot of sweet Charis. One of these days, when she really learns to read quickly (She CAN read. Isn't that amazing?), we'll have to get this girl in drama. She has a million emotive faces available at a moment's notice.
Like this one, taken on a school field trip to see how maple syrup is made. You just have to love those eyes! (At least, I do)
Here she is "drilling" for "sap" in a "maple tree." It was actually "turning the crank four times" for "air" in a "dead stump."
On a mission: Easter egg hunting. Do NOT get in her way when she's hunting Easter eggs. You'll get run over.
And, finally, Charis' first year coloring Easter eggs. We did a dozen eggs, and this year, for our first year, we went very basic. I accidentally purchased a "tie dye" egg-coloring kit, but after reading the directions, I quietly threw away all of the tie dye paraphernalia and all we did was straight dipping. Amazingly, the eggs turned out great--not a brown one in the lot.

I'm hoping that, now that the weather is nicer and it's staying lighter longer, I'll start to be more consistent in taking the camera out. I am WOEFULLY behind on taking snapshots of my beautiful little people. And maybe one of these days, I'll learn how to upload pictures to Blogger without major drama!

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