24 October 2007

Vocabulary Update

Just a brief post to update you on Judah's words--they're really starting to take off! Lately, he has been spouting words that I didn't teach him specifically, which leads me to believe he has really come full force into the Language Acquisition phase.

Here are the ones that he's used today, some of them for the very first time:
Waffle (waffo)
Banana (nana)
Shoes (zuz)
Belly (bobo)
Bubble (bubbo)
Kitty (kee)
Charis (iss)
Yuck (uck)

Of course, then there are always the old standbys:
This (dis)
That (dat)
Yes (yiss)
Hello (eh-wo)

...and I know there are others, quite a few others, but of course, I didn't write them down, and I can't remember them now. In fact, I really need to write them down as soon as he says them, because there was a funny one yesterday that I of course can't recall now for the life of me.

He can identify (but can't yet say) nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, toes, belly (okay, he can say that one).

He of course understands hundreds more words than he can say, so it's only a matter of time before he speaks some of them! Today's addition of 4 new words (and yesterday's 3, of course)bodes well for the future.

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