25 October 2007

The Prodigal Bear

Rejoice when a wayward Bear returns to the fold! I bring you good tidings of great news: Bear came home today, after a long absence. He arrived via the USPS, which must mean that he was really really excited to get home. Fortunately, he had brought pretzels and candy corn for everyone; when he got hungry during his journey, he ate his pretzels and candy, but was considerate enough to save some for Charis and Judah. What a thoughtful bear. Here is the letter that accompanied him:

Dear Judah,

I missed you so much!!

I was playing with the other bears at Grandma Donna's house and lost track of time. Luke, and Julie, and baby Annie, and I were having such a great time! We played jump rope, and board games, and sometimes we took turns hiding. We played with trucks and blocks, and read stories together. Then, when I looked around (just last week--I told you I lost track of time), you had gone--Grandma said you went back to our house far away, and it would be a long time till you came back. She gave me a hug when I cried.

I asked Grandma Donna if there was some way I could please go home to my Bubba. I really miss your hugs, and I miss cuddling up with you while we read books with Mama, and I miss sleeping next to you in the warm bed. I even miss when Ruthie wakes us up, 'cause she wants to play. She's so much fun!

Grandma said that I could take a trip in a big truck, but it would be dark and lonely for a couple days. She put some pretzels and candy corn in the box in case I get hungry on the way. I asked her to send some for you and Ruthie so we could have a party when I get home. (I hope I can wait to eat mine until then, but I might get pretty hungry on the way.)

I love you, Bubs. Grandma Donna took good care of me, but I sure am glad to be coming home to my family!

I love you,


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