24 April 2009

Ruby Picture Page

Look at how big I'm getting! I can pull myself up on furniture and stand for hours. This picture was taken on Easter. Look how proud everyone looks! I can even sit back down without falling. I know, I know!! I'm amazing. I'm also starting to eat table food. I love cheese. And potatoes. And cheerios. Really, anything is better than those mushy green beans my mom keeps trying to feed me. Those things are disgusting. On Easter, my mom fed me some homemade noodles, and they were a taste sensation. Why didn't I know about those sooner?
And look at me! I can take a real, live big-kid bath! Sure, I require some close supervision. But just last week, I took a bath with Charis and Judah, and it was FUN. Their bath toys are way cooler than mine, and their bubbles smell like watermelon. Word to the wise, though: don't eat the bubbles. I tried them, and trust me, the watermelon essence is just a scent. They tasted terrible.
Here I am soaking up the sun in the back yard. I love to swing in the baby swing. I try to keep from cackling--I mean, I don't want to appear as if I'm enjoying a baby swing too much--but I just can't help myself. Baby swings are exhilarating, and don't let anybody well you otherwise. I feel so ALIVE when I'm swinging through the air. And those moments when Charis lets me swing out of control...wow. Talk about exciting.

All in all, I'm a very happy baby. I hesitate to call myself baby, though, because after all, I am TEN MONTHS old. Really--crawling, standing, waving, clapping, eating, SWINGING? I'm nearly grown up! Now, if only I could get some teeth...

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