22 January 2009

Hidey Ho, Neighbor

First: I got a new camera. It was a steal on eBay and will fill the gap until I win the lottery and can afford the digital SLR I've been coveting. It will be especially useful when I can find the cord that came with it and upload some of the photos I've taken. I'd like to pretend that this level of disorganization that precludes me from including more pictures on this blog extends only to my photographic life, but that would be a lie. Currently, I cannot find the envelope full of money and checks people submitted to me for Volleyball League fees, and lost forever is the receipt for the fleece sweatshirt I got for Abe's Gran for Christmas. Turns out she needs to exchange it for a larger size. I am SO in trouble.

So, you know, until I find said cord and organize my life, can you just ponder this imaginary cute photo of Ruby?

She's a doll, isn't she? I agree. Look at those browner-by-the-minute eyes, and her 25th-percentile chunky thighs, and-oh!-that smile! She's been sleeping through the night regularly, so we're all very happy. Next, check out this photo of the kids taken by Olan Mills for our church's pictorial directory:

Why did Charis feel she had to stick out her tongue? And why is Judah scowling? Whenever we say "Don't smile!" at home, it results in a huge grin--why did he choose picture day to begin following directions? And similarly, why isn't Ruby smiling? I was doing all of my best tricks--blowing raspberries, chanting "Ruuuu-by" in an embarrasing sing-song voice, telling her favorite joke ("bababababa")--but...nothing. Sigh. At least we didn't feel too guilty when the picture salesman put on his "crestfallen" face when we informed him we'd just take our one free picture (un-retouched, no less) and be on our way.

In other news, we had our first official volleyball game this Tuesday night. I was so excited about it, I went ahead and blew out my knee. I've been hobbling around on crutches ever since, and my knee is swollen to the size of a Volkswagon. I was able to put a little bit of weight on it this morning, but I've been sitting here at the computer getting caught up, and I'm afraid it has seized up again. Back to the drawing board...

And finally, the most exciting news of all: I feel that Charis is on the cusp of beginning a life with Jesus! She has been asking tons of questions about Jesus and heaven, and has even brought home a few tracts from church (which she calls her "little books") that have sparked quite a few conversations. Pray for her understanding, and pray for me as I try to make salvation clear to her.


April said...

I'm praying for you and Charis. How exciting! And sorry about your knee.

Donna Koehn said...

So sorry to hear about your knee! Been there, done that! Heat and ice? Did Dr. suggest removing (with syringe)fluid build-up, or just wait for it to dissipate?

Maybe there's a problem with my computer, but the spaces for your pics allowed me to use my imagination to envision your beautiful children.

Pregnancy rots your brain. Do you have an announcement? You're too young for "sometimers" to begin.

Charis & Judah's Mom said...

No announcements here!! The pictures were intended to be imaginary--the spaces were there simply to provide room for your imagination. :)

Yeah. Haven't been to the Dr. yet. I'm resting, ibuprofening, ice packing, and elevating. I haven't done the Compression part of the RICE equation, but my knee is already improving, so I'm guessing there's no significant damage done there. Just twisted it wrong, apparently.