03 November 2008

Who Is This Girl?

Another entry from the "Where'd That Come From" file:

Judah's nightlight came up missing tonight. We had speculated about where it might be, we had looked under the bed, we had looked in toy boxes and in every nook and cranny we could think of, when finally, Charis had the answer.

"Oh, I know who took it," she said knowingly. "It was those three monsters. You know, the ones that talk to me?"

We apparently looked concerned, so she assured us that "They are nice monsters." She nodded for effect.

I asked what their names were. "Oh, Hone, Shon, and Pong. They're really nice."

I'm not making this up, but I think she is...


Jennifer Godale said...

Chase has an imaginary family that lives out by our swing set. Orange, Rock and Flower. They also have imaginary pets. But they are just neighbors to her 'other family'. Her other mother and father appear to be very lenient. I often hear "My other mommy lets me do that." I have told her that she is welcome to go live outside with them, if she wants. Imaginations are great and amazing things! Also a little fightening.

Carly said...