24 October 2008

A Hundred for a Home

Whenever I leave the house, or whenever my kids leave me, I kiss them and hug them tight and tell them how much I love them. In an uncertain world, I know too well that it is not a promise that I will see them again. Losing my kids is one of my greatest fears in life.

Now imagine that you watched your children as they slipped away from you. This is the reality two college friends of mine, Matt and Shannon, face every day. Both of their children have Sanfilippo disease, a terminal and regressive disease which will cause their children to lose faculties and abilities until it finally takes their lives. Matt and Shannon have recently relocated to the US from London, where Matt worked. They are currently in a two-bedroom apartment, but are in need of a home. Some friends of theirs have started a project called A Hundred for a Home, where friends and strangers can go to contribute financially toward making a safe home for Matt and Shanon's kids, Waverly and Oliver, a reality. If you feel touched by their story and wish to help, you can do so at that site.


Sarah said...

This story is incredible. I've passed it along to my friends as well as done what I could. I simply can't imagine.

Charis & Judah's Mom said...

Thank you, Sarah! I just checked, and the donations have already surpassed $10,000, thanks to people like you. I am so touched that you've taken an interest and an active role in their story.