15 July 2008

Kid Talk

Judah prayed for dinner for the first time today. "God, Thank you. Food. AMEN!!"

Charis sang a sweet song to Ruby today. It went something like this:

Rock-a-bye baby
In the treetop
When the wind blows,
You'd better get out...

I couldn't be more proud.

1 comment:

Jim T. said...

Well, I saw in your email the links to this blog. I didn't know you were still doing it. You really should become a professional writer. You have an entertaining writing style.

Em's latest word: winkashits. Kathy and I have no clue where that came from or even what it means. But it sounds absolutely horrible and cute at the same time. I can just see her bringing it out at Sunday School. She's fairly proud of herself though!