08 January 2008

Judah 1; Charis 0

We reached a new level of disgusting-ness last night.

Abe and I were downstairs and the kids had gone upstairs to play, which is fairly normal. Charis has been a bit whiny lately, so we weren't particularly alarmed when she began to whine, and were even a little annoyed when her whining turned into full-fledged crying. Gee whiz, we thought. Suck it up, kid. But then Charis came to the top of the stairs, wailing. "I'm all wet!" she cried.

Abe got up and went to see what all the fuss was about. "YHoly Cow, you really are wet!" he said. "Wha--what is th--Judah! What did you do?"

All of a sudden, my mother's intuition kicked in. I feared the worst. A glance over to the potty chair, where the potty cup was conspicuously missing, confirmed my fear: Charis was wet, but not with water. Oh, no. She had used the potty chair mere seconds before she'd gone upstairs, and somehow, Judah had stealthily removed the cup and carried it upstairs with him, and emptied the cup...on his sister's head.

Needless to say, Charis was rushed to the bath, and Judah was not far behind her.


Mom of 2 little princesses said...

OH MY WORD. That is SO GROSS! I can just see them as teenagers still bantering about that!

Blaza said...

I am still laughing. I can TOTALLY see that happening in my life, with my boys...especially the sneaky second. He has a deliously devilish streak that he can pull off with a smile...I think he will keep us on our toes for years to come! Thank you, thank you for that story. I am seconds away from sharing it with Brian who will love it as well...guaranteed!

Mom said...

Looks like Charis has met her match. I can only see this escalating! Pay back, is, after all, sweet. Keep us posted. I have retold the story many times, already, and it has been met with fits of laughter.

The on-going saga. . .

This will not be one of your mother's sleep-inducing stories!