26 February 2007

Little Man Walking

How quickly time passes. Just a few short posts ago, I was pontificating about the virtues of crawling on hands and knees, as my brilliant little guy had just learned to do, and now this. This past Saturday, Judah officially switched from being a crawler who occasionally walked a few paces to a walker who occasionally feels he must crawl. By and large, Judah is toddling everywhere; today, he walked from our downstairs bathroom all the way to the living room coffee table, an as-the-crow-flies (though, enclosed in a house, a crow flying would leave quite a mess, so I say this for illustrative purposes only) distance of about 20-25 feet. He is becoming so bold!

He's also wiping out a lot. Poor kid--when he goes down, he goes down hard, but that doesn't keep him from trying. I love that. He's got permanent-looking bruises on his knees from his rescue falls (when he catches himself mid-fall before he kisses the floor) and has had quite a few head bumps (when he doesn't). It's really amazing to see him stumble from room to room! And also a bit stupefying when I consider the mess that two walking children can make--as if the mess wasn't already big enough!

I will post some pictures of him walking when I have some good ones to share.

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