08 December 2006

Warming the Cockles of My Heart

Last night, we sat at the table for dinner--a rare occurrence in our home, indeed. We instructed Charis to fold her hands and close her eyes so we could pray, and she was definitely not in a cooperative mood. In general, it dawned on me, she is not overly excited to pray, even when I explain to her that it's our chance to talk directly to God. We pray before bed every night, but it's usually me praying while she's arranging blankets or something.

"Why doesn't she like to pray?" I asked Abe anxiously. Perhaps she's already rejecting the faith? At such a young age?

Abe looked at me and said drily, "She's only two."


So tonight, Abe put her to bed with stories and whatnot, but she requested (as she always does in these instances) that I lay down with her after he was done. ("Mommy, bed!") So I did. We hid under the blanket, we sang "Head, Shoulders...", and I got up to leave.

"Mommy, BAY!"

"Bay?" I asked.

"No, BAY!!!"




She nodded. "Yeah, pay." So we prayed. She had us get on our knees, then sit on the pillow together, and she held my arm while we prayed.

And she's only two.


Anonymous said...

She is only two, Coreen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what exactly are "cockles"?

Charis + Judah's Mom said...

"Cockles of the heart: The ventricles of the heart. If a cup of tea or coffee warms the cockles of your heart, it gives you a feeling of happiness, contentment, satisfaction." courtesy of MedicineNet.com

p.s. you should be a sportswriter! i never knew you had such a lot to say about sports...