05 August 2006

Judah Gallery

As promised, here are some photos of the many faces of Judah....

Here's the "Who, me?" face.

The "Quantum Physics Are For Infants" face...

The "Hapy to Make Your Acquaintance" face...

And finally, the "Just Hangin' Around" face.

We love them all!

In other news, at Judah's 4-month check-up, he weighed in at 16 lbs., 6 oz., putting him in the 75th percentile, and measured 26 1/4" tall, which is in the 90th percentile, and he's as healthy as can be!

What can I say? We're pleased as punch.

1 comment:

Charity said...

I just read the post about all your travels . . . I can relate to some of it as the AC went out in our Explorer the day before Danny left for the week, so needless to say, the kids & I had a very hot week!

Zeke (now 2) got pertussis at the tender age of 3 weeks. There was an outbreak in our area and several infants died from it. Zeke was hospitalized for about a week and our whole family was under quarantine for 2 weeks after that. The good news is that at least the danger is considerably lessened in children who develop it after 2 months of age - but the cough does seem to last for an eternity. Here's hoping your Charis has a very mild case! :p